Regional Brand Supervisor needed at Transsion Holdings

Job title : Regional Brand Supervisor

Job Location : Lagos

Deadline : May 03, 2024

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Job Description

  • According to the annual sales strategy, be responsible for the market development, channel system construction, sales policy formulation of the office, and achieve the annual sales target;
  • According to the brand positioning and annual promotion strategy, arrange, implement, and supervise the promotion plan and promotion work of the office.
  • Responsible for the collection, summary and feedback of market trends, competing product information, product feedback and product demand research in this office;
  • Responsible for sales forecasting and management, PSI management and other information management in this office;
  • Be responsible for the human resources planning and team building and management of the office, and develop a performance appraisal system suitable for the office according to the guidance direction of the business department.


  • Male, aged 25-35, with a bachelors degree or above through regular recruitment, English level 4 or above, and English as the working language;
  • Have a certain understanding and perception of the Nigerian market, and have a certain interest and understanding of marketing work; overseas mobile phone industry experience is preferred;
  • Strong sense of purpose, interested in overseas markets, and team player;
  • Strong learning ability, strong communication and coordination skills, good at pulling resources, with good habits of self-reflection and self-iteration.

How to Apply for this Offer

Send cvs to [email protected] using the job position as the subject of the email.

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