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Layer3 is a network and enterprise solutions provider. We combine our knowledge of world-class technology solutions, in addition to our partnership with some of the global technology providers to design, implement and support our clients’ business transformation ambitions. This includes the innovation of the data centre, software, server & storage systems, mobile device management, security & network infrastructure solutions and access solutions including broadband and VPN services. These solutions are all backed by our world-class support.
At Layer3, the success of our customers is always paramount in our minds and our culture drives us to work closely with them to truly understand their business and ICT needs. We continuously build strategic partnerships with global technology leaders that enable us deploy solutions that minimize risks, maximize flexibility and optimize the use of capital with results that exceed our customers’ expectations.
We run a 24/7 network management and support center which allows us provide round the clock remote monitoring and support services for our customers’ IT and network infrastructure as well as our expansive metro fiber network infrastructure guaranteeing optimal performance and quick fault resolutions.
Layer3 started operations in 2005 with headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria. It owns and operates metropolitan fiber networks in Lagos and Abuja and has a world-class network operations and management center in Abuja. In 2013, it recieved the Tony Elumelu Foundation and AllWorld Networks Nigeria50 award. The Nigeria50 award is a ranking of the fastest and most dynamic non-listed companies in Nigeria. Layer3 ranked 17th of the 50 companies awarded.
Layer3 provides professional services in several African countries with a large pool of some of the most technically certified and experienced experts within the region.