3 cases when you do not have to send a cover letter

There are two cases when we can say with full conviction whether a cover letter needs to be sent or not. The first of them – when the announcement says that the letter is expected. If it does not send, then the first command has not been carried out. The second of them – when the advertisement says that only a CV is expected. Attaching the letter also means that the first order has not been carried out or unnecessary zeal has crept into our actions.

And other cases? Other cases are that the letter does not need to be sent. What cases are these?

1. The company does not mention that it requires

Contrary to appearances, this is a different situation than the one mentioned above. A CV is expected, but it is not clearly stated that only and exclusively. Either way, there is no need to think about the content of the letter and send it. We do not attach it.

2. You are a specialist, know your stuff and meet most requirements

You have unique or well-developed skills required by the employer and you know that your competition is not numerous and the demand for such people exceeds the supply. The employer will not let you out (at least he will not want …). For balance and, above all, respect, write at least a few sentences in the body of the email.

3. You are the person on the order and you send your CV with no relation to the recruitment announced

You know about the job offer from someone you know or through someone you know, you transfer your CV. You do not have to add a cover letter. If you are sending your CV, please write a few sentences in the body of the email for balance and respect.

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