4 questions that are worth asking when arranging an interview

You have sent your CV, and now the recruiter is calling to arrange a meeting with you. Remember to ask her the following questions – this will make it easier for you to prepare for the meeting and avoid unpleasant surprises.

1. Who will I see?(Who to contact?)

In small businesses, everyone will know that recruitment is underway, who is responsible for it, and everyone will lead you to the right person. In large, where HR departments are composed of several or even a dozen or so people, the key information is who you should contact (whom to ask at the reception). You can either ask about it by phone or – if you received an email confirming the meeting – save the sender’s contact details (preferably with the phone in case you have to call and apologize for being late). Asking this question can also bring up a whole list of names (if, for example, three people are to be present at the meeting) – then you know what to settle for, and if you manage to save the names, you will be able to check these people on the Internet and something on their topic to find out.

2. How long will the meeting last

As a standard, it is worth spending around an hour on a meeting, but there are sometimes those that last for two or longer. If you get out of work for an hour, then the prolonged conversation will stress you – so it’s better to know in advance how much time the recruiter devotes to the meeting. This is completely natural and will not be badly seen.

3. Should I take something with me?

Certificates, written references, work certificates, portfolio? Such documents may be useful during a conversation. You can take them with you just in case, but you can also just ask if you should take something with you. This question shows that you are organized, attentive and preparing for meetings.

4. Is there parking at the building?(if you use the car)

Why ask for this? In many cities there are special paid zones, not every office has good access, not every one has its own parking lot, and sometimes you cannot enter the parking lot without a special pass. This creates additional stress – and it can be avoided.

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