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Women in the New Nigeria, and Youth Empowerment Initiative (WINN) is an indigenous non-governmental organization that focuses on women’s empowerment, enhancing lives of youths, encouraging good governance, capacity building on sustainable agriculture, peace building, prevention of gender basedread more violence, micro-finance, the Arts, communication, Technological solutions, partnering in scientific research, Modern approaches in tackling community societal ills and Parity in gender equality. The organization partners with diverse civil society groups, government agencies, and non-governmental organization to deliver its mandate of empowering women and transforming lives of the youth in Nigeria.
WINN always aims to affect lives positively based on its expansive knowledge on capacity building and personal development for women to succeed. As such, WINN has international presence in North America (WINNA), WIN Ghana, WIN Mozambique, WIN South Africa, WIN Sierra Leon, WINWO. UK.ORG and is still committed to ensuring good Governance free of bias and corruption – strives to employ best practices for managing, implementing, and evaluating its organizational and program activities with its New mindset focus as it goes from Nation to Nation all around the world.
The New Nigerian Youth Project (Nation Building, Education projects, Entrepreneurship focal, awareness against drug abuse, crime alert programs etc). The Tabitha Integrated Services (for the Aged women and Widows, also an arm that promotes start-up’s, small scale businesses, retailers, chain distribution of goods and services as well as creating jobs for the Widows.
All around the world women and children are the victims of wars, insurgency, earthquakes, abuse e.t.c. they are left so helpless, we have to take up the challenge as a church, as an organization, as an individual & make a change in the lives of these women/girls. WINN stands by this adage if you empower a woman/girl you empower the whole nation.
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