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Emergency First International is an international NGO, non-profit, apolitical and secular. Emergency First International was born from the merger between two French NGO Première Urgence and Aide Médicale Internationale.
First International Emergency assistread mores civilian victims, marginalized or excluded by the effects of natural disasters, wars and economic collapse situations.
Our vocation is to defend the fundamental rights of the person, as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 man.
Let’s help them do without us
Our goal is to provide a comprehensive response to all the basic needs of populations affected by humanitarian crises in the urgency to help them regain independence and dignity.
Our mission: to help populations affected by humanitarian crises by giving them the ability to regain control of their destiny
Currently our projects are conducted in 22 countries by dan s 2650 national staff, 145 expatriates and 63 employees at headquarters.