7 rules for contacting a recruiter

4 questions that are worth asking when arranging an interview
6 soft features that are important to the employer

Do you respond to dozens of offers, do you have the required competences, and yet there are no invitations to interview? It is important to remember that getting a job is influenced by many elements – professional experience, skills and professionalism. And we should show it at any time.

When submitting your application, you must remember that the person you are contacting is conducting several recruitment processes at the same time. Unprofessional behavior can miss the chance of getting a job even with a CV that meets all conditions. The stage of the first contact with the recruiter says a lot about the approach to work: behavior towards future colleagues and clients, respect for the time of the other party as well as diligence and responsibility. So what should you pay attention to?

1. Attach all documents

Read the advertisement carefully. You will learn what the application should contain. Sending a CV with a clause with consent to the processing of personal data is a must. However, it may be equally important to attach a portfolio or recruitment task. Information about the title of the message is also often included .this allows the recruiter to organize work and search for our application.

2. Make contact easier

When sending a message, take care of your current contact details – including your phone number. Be aware of the fact that contact from the recruiter may surprise you at the least expected moment. However, this does not entitle you to unprofessional conversation. Inform when the conversation will be possible by arranging for a specific time. Choose a secluded place that will allow you to arrange the details.

3. Business contacts

Currently, recruiters are also in contact via social media. This does not release you from the business approach – remember to keep the official form of expression, without spelling and grammatical errors, and using Polish characters.

4. Prepare the calendar

By submitting your applications you must take into account the need to arrange an interview. It is not always possible for the meeting to take place outside of the current working hours, so it’s good to know if you have the opportunity to plan your day off in the coming days. Don’t give up on answering the recruiter while on vacation – let him know when you’re away. A clear attitude testifies to a fair approach to commitments.

5. Confirm meeting

The recruiter usually suggests sending e-mail information with the details of the conversation during a telephone conversation. If he doesn’t, you can ask for it. However, don’t forget to reply by confirming your attendance at the meeting.

6. Notify about resignation

It may happen that from the time of appointment to the scheduled interview you will get confirmation of getting another position. In this case, immediately thank the recruiter for the contact so far and inform him of the acceptance of another job. Remember that such people arrange a meeting after the meeting, there is nothing worse than a candidate who does not appear at the meeting without informing about it in advance.

7. Get ready to talk

Once you have set the meeting time, search for the announcement you responded to. Read the requirements again and look for the details of the potential employer’s activities. Now everything depends on you!


4 questions that are worth asking when arranging an interview
6 soft features that are important to the employer

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