Your Cover Letter Sound’s Desperate? Check the Repercussion

The cover letter is difficult to write for many job applicants . Despite many guides on what to write in a cover letter, how to write and to whom to write, we often sit down in front of an open, empty document and do not know how to start. Even if you manage to start, the next stages of work on the cover letter are not easier. In the end we finish, we read the whole thing and it turns out that instead of the letter from which the desire to show the employer that he has just found the right candidate emerges, we created a pleading letter .

If your cover letter will be desperate, you will not encourage a potential employer to meet you for a meeting – nobody wants desperates, losers and unlucky people at work – and such associations come to mind after reading a letter in which the candidate asks for a chance.

So what not to write so that your cover letter doesn’t sound desperate?

  • Do not justify(“I was admitted, but it was a reduction in the number of employees – 20 people were dismissed with me”) – after all, somebody stayed in the company – why not you?
  • Don’t write about your problems finding a job(“I’ve been unemployed for a year”) – either you are unlucky or you are incompetent – either way, I don’t want you at home
  • Not to describe my financial difficulties(“I need a job because I have a loan for an apartment”) – and what do I care if you have a loan?
  • Do not ask for help(“Please, give me a chance and arrange a direct meeting”) – am I a charity or a businessman?
  • Do not show that you agree to all conditions– even if it is (“I can do anything”) – the employer does not know then what you are good at, is there something you are good at and whether you are looking for a job you want to work with or after you’re just trying to survive at all costs. Such a message may also encourage your employer to give you worse financial conditions or worse working conditions.

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