Why Should We Hire You: Best ways to answer in a Job Interview

Job interviews are difficult enough, so why this whole thing about asking candidates questions they know will stump them? One of those most common tricky questions is “why should we hire you”? In this post, we are going to help answer this question and help you standout so you can put your best foot forward.

Alright, so let’s get into it,

Here are our best tips for answering, “Why should we hire you”.

Whether you are in an in-person interview or on a phone interview, this question is bound to come up and yes, it is a bit nerve-wracking when the interviewer asks you why we should hire you.

What they are essentially saying is what makes you so special, why would we want you to come be part of our organizations.

One of the best ways to answer this question is by taking it through a problem-solving lens, through your research and even the current interview that you are into. You should have a good grasp of what the company is struggling with. Your answers should focus on how you are uniquely qualified to help them tackle those issues. This is also a great way to flex your knowledge about the company.

Speak about the ways the company’s product or service has affected you in the past, use this question as an opportunity to really insert yourself into the company and their framework so they can start seeing how you would fit in there.

This foresight will be impressive to the hiring manager because it sends a message to them that you have already thought about yourself in this role, company and how you can benefit them.

Here are a few examples on how you can answer, “Why should we hire you”

First example:

With over five years of experience in the tech field. Specifically, within the VR space. “I’m confident that I would be great for this project management role, I’m a highly organized self-starter who thrives in a fast-paced environment, and I’m a problem solver who enjoys finding unique impactful and long-lasting solutions.”

The work insert the name of the company is doing excites me and I would love to be part of that growth.

Second example:

I believe I would be a great fit at insert the name of the company because one of my greatest strengths is communication, especially when it comes to providing excellent customer service. In my previous job, I consistently received great performance reviews from customers, co-workers and managers alike. I would love to bring that same work ethic to this position.

Third example:

As a recent college graduate, I have a strong attitude, soft skills and work ethic. I am a great fit for this executive assistant role because I pay keen attention to details and have experience working in an administrative role within the Dangote Group of Companies.

In conclusion, when you are trying to answer why we should hire you, you really want to show yourself as the solution to the company’s problem and then back it up with proof and evidence. Remember be as authentic as possible.

The recruiter chose you to interview, they are excited about you coming into their company already and you can tell because they would not be having this phone or in-person interview with you if they did not already rather think that.

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