Ways To Get The Employer’s Attention

It turns out that the higher the unemployment, the more creative we become, and some have really crazy ideas.

Here are some of the most spectacular and sometimes also bizarre ways to get the employer’s attention:

  1. 1. The unemployed placed his job search advertisement on a billboard.(The disadvantage of the method is its quite high cost and the fact that the whole housing estate knows us later)
  2. The unemployed came for an interview with the T-shirt “I will pay for paying the bills” (effective if you have really high bills)
  3. The candidate for the interview brought a broom to … “sweep out corruption and nepotism from the office” (effective if the boss has a sense of humor. Worse when it is a family business)
  4. The interview candidate came in a T-shirt with the words “Please, hire me …” (effective only for a soft-hearted boss)
  5. The candidate brought breakfast to his boss every day until he hired him (it seems mobbing)
  6. An unemployed person stood in front of an office building with a big ‘looking for a job’ sign (you can get a job that does not match qualifications)
  7. The candidate sent a huge cake to the office, with the word “rent me” in glace (the question remains – “What for?”)
  8. The candidate promised the recruiter a foot massage in exchange for employment (what if the recruiter is very, very unattractive, or grows fungus between the fingers?)
  9. Instead of the Cover Letter, the candidate sent a poem to the company describing his enthusiasm for work (what if the boss has no “artistic soul”?)
  10. The candidate learned what restaurant the head of the company he likes to work in and convinced the service staff to put his data in the restaurant menu (with such persuasive power, the employer would have to leave his senses not to employ such a person)

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