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Job title : Regional Sales Manager, Retail Sales

Job Location : Abuja

Deadline : October 01, 2022

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Main Objective of the Job

  • Promote the products and brand of our client to achieve maximum growth/sales potentials of the region stores.
  • The role handles the effective functioning of the  stores in the region and the staff therein, including overseeing and driving the region stores’ sales & marketing, financial targets, inventory, storage, requisition, and product knowledge.

Responsibilities / Deliverables / Outcome
Region Stores Sales Operations Management:

  • Drive region stores’ sales team in actualization of sales target in units and values
  • Responsible for driving store-based improvement strategy for growing region stores’ sales
  • Responsible for region stores section sales drive
  • Actively monitor the performance of slow moving items while ensuring that all necessary actions to PUSH for their sale are being done.
  • Support in managing the re-tagging of merchandise for reasons such as price adjustments, Promos and Discounts, etc.
  • Responsible for driving inter- region stores sales
  • Work with support services units in implementing recommendations that can increase region stores sales and reduce cost
  • Responsible presenting region stores performance reports to region stores team.

Region Stores Management and Process compliance:

  • Train all employee within assigned region on stores sales SOPs and communicate new SOPs
  • Responsible for recommending SOPs amendment
  • Ensuring both self and team are knowledgeable and fully understand the region stores SOPs.
  • Ensure region stores opening and closing processes are followed
  • Oversee and ensure the daily activities of the region stores are carried out timely and in accordance to all laid out policies, processes and procedures in the regions.

Region Stores Team Management:

  • Monitor, manage and appraise region stores team members on productivity and personal characteristics periodically by liaising with the Head of Retail & Sales Operations and human resources.
  • Ensure region stores team members adhere to dress code and store operational guidelines
  • Maintain collaboration among the team in meeting region stores daily/weekly/monthly sales and operational targets.
  • Encourage and maintain collaboration among the team in meeting region stores daily/weekly/monthly targets
  • Relate region stores team members’ welfare matters to the human resource manager and lead of region stores operations
  • Coach, train and develop team on the required knowledge and selling skills for the job.
  • Ensure the team is duly informed on all current/new company information, new improvements, policy or process changes, promotions and campaigns etc.
  •  Monitor and manage the scheduling and attendance of region stores team member’s liaising with region stores operation lead and human resources manager
  • Handle (manage/contain or escalate) conflicts/disciplinary issues in the region stores liaising with Supervisor and human resources managers
  • Work closely with the Store Managers to allocate region stores team members to store sections (clothes, footwear and accessories) liaising with retail operations and human resources manager.

In-Store Customer Engagement Management:

  • Support and ensure that region stores sales team consistently provides a warm welcome and a friendly environment to each customer/prospects
  • Support and ensure that customers/prospects’ needs are met by outstanding product knowledge of upselling and cross-selling
  • Support and ensure that each customer interaction is maximized to deliver the sales target in units and value by the excellent selling skill of the regions team and the utilization of selling tools such as the Look-Book (tablet)
  • Ensure the timely follow through on all other customer request/transactions such as exchanges, special request, customer order, lay away, alterations, etc. to a fulfilling conclusion
  • Support and ensure that all difficult customer complaints incidence are recorded in store incidence register in the region and also escalated to customer experience if necessarily
  • Ensure that all customer complaints are objectively assessed with the aim of preserving the company’s integrity and protect against undue liabilities and also ensure that every deserving complaint is treated as high priority and escalated to customer experience unit with follow through until resolved.
  • Stand as a representative of the company and accurately respond to all enquiries about the company, product and services from customers within the Region.

Region Store Inventory management:

  • Supervise and work follow-through on the detailed and accurate receiving of merchandise into the region stores up to the confirmation of the store’s inventory balance and proper sign off, filing/archiving of all transfer documents
  • Ensure all merchandise admitted into the Region stores are in sellable condition, and that their corresponding tags indicate the right code, price and age/size.
  • Ensure that merchandise are handled with the utmost care in display, storage and sales.
  • Work closely with each Region store manager to ensure that the minimum number of merchandise by category in complete looks/story is available in each section of the region stores by performing their daily functions from display in accordance to the look book and visual merchandising guidelines to sales and after sales management such as IRIS, monitoring of gaps up to detailed and timely requisitions.
  • Ensure the end-to-end monitoring of merchandise transferred out of the Region stores until successfully pulled out of the region stores’ inventory with the sign off and filing of the returned MMF form.
  • Supervise and institute regular checks of drawers and inner room to avoid ïforgotten merchandise’, to also ensure that all storage boxes/spaces are properly sectioned and labelled for ease and swiftness of service in the Region.
  • Supervise and ensure that detailed snap checks are routinely carried out and followed through in the case of any variance observed in the region stores.
  • Meticulously monitor single items in the Region stores, taking all required actions as will be guided by MAP.
  • Support, monitor and participate in periodic stock count exercise in the Region stores and provide explanation to queries on stock count variance queries.

Region Stores Ambiance & Visual Merchandising:

  • Work with creative visual merchandising unit to ensure that the look and feel of the store in the Region (external, shop floor and inner room) are maintained to the highest standards, such that it attracts the right customers and guarantees a shopping experience that delivers sales.
  • Work with creative visual merchandising unit to ensure the window display is attractive and fully compliant to the given instructions per time/season in the stores in the Region.
  • Work with creative visual merchandising unit to maintain a cool and conducive room temperature that is free from any form of foul/offensive odors.
  • Work with creative visual merchandising unit to ensure that the approved playlist is consistently played at the right volume
  • Work with creative visual merchandising unit to ensure that the layout of the stores in the Region is attractive and easy to navigate for the customer/prospect.
  • Ensure impeccable level of cleanliness of the entire stores in the Region (Internally, externally and for all surfaces) at all times.
  • Work with creative visual merchandising unit to ensure items are displayed in strict adherence to the styling illustrated in the look book or any other communication form from the creative/styling team
  • Work with creative visual merchandising unit to ensure that merchandise are displayed in full compliance to acceptable standards in stacking, folding, hanging, spacing and alignment

Region Store Level Brands and Marketing:

  • Ensure daily footfalls is accurately captured and submitted upward to the Head of Retail & Sales Operations and Brands & Marketing unit.
  • Ensure clear and accurate information is passed out on ongoing campaigns or promos to customers and prospects.
  • Ensure timely, detailed and accurate follow-through on executing promo or campaign directives/activities.
  • Ensure effective and consistent distribution of fliers in and around the Region stores environment per time/season to suite business needs.
  • Ensuring the proper care, presentation, utilization and accountability of all brand communication/promo materials e.g. branded note books, fliers, signage’s, uniforms etc.
  • Follow up and ensure Store Team in region actively engage and encourage customers and prospects to engage and interact on all available social or engagement platforms
  • Ensure submission of valuable detailed and accurate feedback on store customers/prospects, Mall/store environments, competition activities, etc in the Region.
  • Continuously provide suggestions and tips to GM Sales & Retail for better customer engagement that will promote sales and increase customer base in the Region stores.

Region Store Business Reporting:

  • Support and ensure the balancing and accurate communication of daily/weekly/monthly sales report to the appropriate parties.
  • Responsible to ensure the escalation and follow-through of any discrepancy or anomaly in sales figures/balances of stores in the Region.
  • Responsible for providing daily sales reports of the region stores.
  • Responsible for providing weekly report of all selling activities/incidences of stores in the region.
  • Responsible for providing monthly sales performance report at sales meeting
  • Responsible for providing monthly, quarterly and annual store profit and loss performance report at sales meeting
  • Responsible to compile and maintain non-monetary reports and records.


  • Minimum of  a University Degree or a Master’s degree .
  • Minimum of 8 years’ similar work experience in the fashion retail industry or any other related field
  • Excellent Leadership & people management Skills
  • Strong business acumen
  • Experience in managing a high-performance sales team
  • Resilient
  • Must possess the ability to handle presentation and facilitation of sales trainings.
  • Proven record of Sales & Marketing performance
  • Excellent client relationship development/management skills & competencies
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Industry & business knowledge
  • Excellent communication (written, verbal)
  • Understands what it takes to build and motivate a team.

Open & Negotiable (Based on experience).

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