Regional Health System Strengthening (HSS) Expert needed at Malaria Consortium

Job title : Regional Health System Strengthening (HSS) Expert

Job Location : Kano

Deadline : May 02, 2024

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  • Malaria Consortium is a sub-recipient of a new grant of Bill and Mellinda Gates Foundation with the overarching goal of reduction of malaria burden in Nigeria by supporting and building capacity for sub-national data-driven planning and tailored implementation of malaria programs, through a structured and health systems approach while building out stronger state malaria programs that are positioned to adopt and adapt new malaria tools and create a model for scale-up elsewhere in the country.

Scope of the Assignment

  • The scope of the technical assistance includes the development of health systems appraisal tool, training of stakeholders, support to using the tool to undertake health systems rapid appraisal, and use of the findings to guide tailoring of high value malaria interventions to inform LGA plans in Kano state.
  • As there are different intervention mixes recommended for different LGAs, there will be a need for guidance on programmatic implication on statewide “campaign – like’’ interventions e.g. ITN campaign, SMC etc.
  • The TA will also investigate the level of malaria-related activities included in budgets of other government institutions in Kano State and LGAs apart from state malaria elimination programme and LGA malaria units and how and process of capturing these in the malaria planning process.
  • These might include state and LGA primary health care boards and units, ministries of environment, agriculture, local government etc. The investigation will also be extended to the private sector.
  • Although the focus of the TA is on developing operational and activity plans, the TA will agree with state stakeholders and how these feeds into the wider state health and broader development planning and NMEP operational and strategic planning.

Purpose of the Assignment

  • To support the generation of subnational health systems evidence to inform planning for malaria in Kano state to strengthen the tailoring of specific malaria interventions and optimize their implementation in the specific health systems context in Kano.

Specific Tasks
The assignment will be led by a regional planning consultant but supported by regional malaria / health systems expert will involve the following specific tasks. The exercise will involve field visits to all LGA which will be done by technical assistants to be recruited as state coordinator and field assistants:

  • Undertake desk review of existing / background documents.
  • Prepare and organize a workshop on the planning process at the LGA level and how the rapid health appraisal process feeds into this and how the planning process feeds into the broader state and national level plans.
  • Use the information to draft a health systems rapid appraisal tool including a tool / algorithm to collate and use the tool in conjunction with WHO malaria stratification document to tailor recommended high value malaria intervention to LGAs.
  • The tool to also be able to also recommend complementary health systems interventions to ensure effective implementation of malaria interventions including guidance on prioritization to fit selected malaria and health systems activities into available envelope.
  • Develop algorithm to guide programmatic roll-out of statewide interventions like ITN and SMC in light of different recommended interventions mixes for LGAs.
  • The above tools and processes will be developed jointly with stakeholders and piloted in specific LGAs.
  • The finalized tool will be used to undertake rapid appraisal of LGA health systems and guide the tailoring and effective implementation of malaria interventions.
  • Undertake rapid health systems appraisal at the state level and integrate collated LGA plans and reflect detail of roll-out statewide campaign like interventions.
  • Draft and finalize consultancy report.

Personnel Requirements

  • The Regional Health System Strengthening (HSS) Expert will lead the process of desk review, health system appraisal tool development, algorithm guide development and finalizing the rapid health system appraisal report.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Ph.D or equivalent experience in Public/Global Health, Health Systems, Health Policy and Planning or related field is required.
  • Excellent knowledge of National malaria elimination strategies.
  • Have at least 15 years’ experience in health policy and health system strengthening in public health-related projects.
  • Knowledge of malaria prevention and control in endemic settings
  • Must be familiar with Microsoft office suite (especially Word and PowerPoint) and have excellent report writing skills.
  • Availability for the period of this assignment.
  • Ability to give attention to details.
  • Self-motivated, team player but also able to work independently.
  • Meets tight deadlines and able to work under pressure.

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