Quality Assurance Analyst needed at FairMoney

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FairMoney’s job vacancy, Career and Recruitment

Job title : Quality Assurance Analyst

Job Location : Lagos

Deadline : October 27, 2022

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The job revolves around doing internal conversation reviews and giving feedback to support agents to improve their performance and not just labeling conversations good or bad, as a minor QA might suggest. It also strives to build a Standard Operating Manual, solve customer problems, improve customer service, and maintain company integrity and profitability.

The goal is to maintain a high and consistent level of support quality across the team. It is the responsibility of the Quality assurance team that, regardless of the agent approach or the support channel used, customers always get similarly excellent treatment. You are responsible for managing the process used by the escalation team which is relating to products or services, handling problem tickets, and providing feedback to upper management regarding customer issues.


For you as a Quality and Escalation Analyst at FairMoney here are your roles and responsibilities which is subject to change and can increase base on the company’s clientele and services rendered

  • Maintain and develop internal support and quality standards across all teams.
  • Assess support interactions based on internal standards
  • Analyze all customer service metrics (e.g. CSAT, FCR) and how the support team’s performance affects those KPIs
  • Create strategies to improve support KPIs
  • Map the need for training and onboarding programs and initiate these projects
  • Monitor customer service performance on the agent and team level
  • Contribute to the team culture in a positive manner.
  • Review and identify the root cause for all escalated service requests and use this information to improve continuously within service delivery teams.
  • Collaborate with other workgroup teams to train using processes and procedures based on historical experience
  • Ensure Standard Operating Manual are adhered to diligently
  • Ensure that all agents are up to date with the knowledge of the Lending and Bank’s products and services (both new and modified)