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Viamo’s job vacancy, Career and Recruitment

Job title : Platform Assistant

Job Location : Abuja

Deadline : October 01, 2022

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About the role

You will become part of our growing team in Abuja, Nigeria working with some of the most innovative development organizations and private sector companies. As the Platform Assistant, you will support the provision of a high-quality and impactful 3-2-1 Service. You must be able to empathize with Viamo’s mobile users (our beneficiaries) to understand their needs to access information, as well as products and services offered by our clients: buying, selling, booking appointments, redeeming vouchers, etc. You will ensure that our partners are familiar with Viamo technologies and you will ensure the implementation of the deliverables of our current programs, you will act particularly in support of the implementation of the 3-2-1 service in Nigeria, as well as on the Viamo platform for other projects.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Preparation and Support in Content Development

The following tasks are systematic for the 3-2-1 service, and ad-hoc for other projects, in coordination with the program officers in charge:

  • Based on a discussion with the 3-2-1 Product Manager /Program Officer(s), modify the standard agenda in Google Pages according to the specific needs of each content committee, fully respecting the Branding Guidelines of Viamo.
  • Ensure the logistical preparation of each Content Committee meeting, for example, but not limited to finalization and printing of all the necessary documents, organization of coffee breaks and meals, identification and reservation of an appropriate room (if necessary), invitations, and facilitation in line, etc.
  • Elaborate the drafts of decision trees during the Content Committees meetings by following the best practices of Viamo, learned during the content development training for the 3-2-1 Service / other projects.
  • Take notes during the Content Committee meetings, and summarize all the remarks in a result report within 2 working days of the meetings, in full compliance with Viamo’s Branding Guidelines.
  • Master all functionality of the Viamo platform for the creation and management of content trees with 3-2-1 best practices.

2. Monthly Data Report for Partners

    • Produce and analyze the monthly statistics of 3-2-1.
    • Produce all other statistics related to 3-2-1.
    • Autonomously export the necessary raw data each month from the Viamo platform.
    • Perform the necessary calculations of the data in Google Sheets according to the needs of the customers.
    • Create graphics and diagrams in Google Sheets, fully respecting Viamo’s Branding Guidelines.
    • Complete the standardized monthly report templates in Google Pages & Google Sheets, fully respecting Viamo’s Branding Guidelines, with graphics created, testimonials collected, and a narrative explanation on time and with attention to detail.
    • Finalize monthly reports based on feedback from the 3-2-1 Senior Product Manager.
    • Share monthly partner’s reports with 3-2-1 partners

    3. Daily Service Performance Test

    • Test every morning and every evening before leaving the office, to ensure that all IVR, SMS, and USSD channels of the services and hotlines are functional, and re-run the tests when required.
    • Document daily tests made to the 3-2-1 Service in the 3-2-1 global document.
    • Immediately note and report to the Program Manager(s) and 3-2-1 Senior Product Manager in charge in the event of any non-functioning channels, and escalate such occurrences to the relevant units.
    • Complete a standardized 3-2-1 performance report in Google Sheets, in full compliance with Viamo’s Branding Guidelines, every morning and night before leaving the office.

    4. Support all IVR and SMS Content Production and Processes on the Viamo Platform

    • Assist in the implementation of mobile engagement projects on the Viamo platform – development of decision trees, various configurations, insertion of target phone numbers, etc.
    • Serve as the focal point for all audio recordings of the Program team in Nigeria, and independent management of any work delegated by the 3-2-1 Senior Product Manager.
    • Coordinate the recording of audio files when a male voice is required, respecting all relevant Viamo best practices, after thorough quality control of the scripts.
    • Conduct the verification of each audio file after recording, in line with all relevant Viamo best practices before they are given to the 3-2-1 Senior ProductManager/program manager(s).
    • Prepare a standardized test report in Google Sheets for each recording activity, fully respecting the Viamo Branding Guidelines
    • Assist the Senior Platform Manager / Program Manager (s) in data analysis and data reporting.
    • Conduct quality control on all 3-2-1 content trees and share the quality control document with the Senior Platform Manager for approval before making content go live on the platform

    5. Engagement with 3-2-1 Users

    • Work with the Senior Platform Manager in conducting field testing and user research with potential and existing 3-2-1 users
    • Conduct interviews with 3-2-1 listeners and share the reports with the Senior Platform Manager

    Key Performance Indicators

    • Caller to listener ratio, and conversion rate
    • Number of listeners.
    • Key messages listened to.
    • Consistency and completion of monthly tasks

    Team and Reporting Structure

    Reports to the Senior Platform Manager.



    • University degree and 2+ years of professional experience.
    • Mastery of computers and mobile technology with proficiency in Google Workspace and MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
    • Experience with data collection and data monitoring, and qualitative and qualitative analysis.
    • Excellent project and program management skills with emphasis on customer service.
    • Experience with content creation, especially for social and behavior change.
    • Fluency in at least two Nigerian languages (English, Pidgin, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba)
    • Demonstrated ability to multitask, prioritize and coordinate with thorough attention to detail.
    • Proven ability to work independently, flexibility, and willingness to adapt to new tasks as needed.


    • Previous experience working with a Mobile Network Operator or IVR/USSD/Value Added Service (VAS).
    • Experience in content development for mobile.
    • Experience with qualitative and quantitative field research.

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