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Medical Officer (Doctor) needed at EMEL

Job title : Medical Officer (Doctor)

Job Location : Lagos

Deadline : April 25, 2024

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Job Description
A Medical Officer in our Hospital plays the following crucial roles:

  • Clinical Care: Providing primary medical care to patients, including diagnosing illnesses, prescribing treatments, and managing chronic conditions.
  • Patient Consultation: Conducting patient consultations, taking medical histories, and performing physical examinations to assess patient health and make treatment recommendations.
  • Emergency Care: Responding to medical emergencies and providing immediate care to stabilize patients before they are transferred to specialized units or hospitals if necessary.
  • Patient Education: Educating patients about their health conditions, treatment options, and preventive measures to promote better health outcomes.
  • Collaboration: Collaborating with other healthcare professionals such as nurses, specialists, and allied health professionals to ensure comprehensive patient care.
  • Medical Records: Maintaining accurate and up-to-date medical records for patients, including documenting consultations, treatments, and follow-up care.
  • Health Promotion: Participating in health promotion activities within the community, such as health screenings, vaccination drives, and health education campaigns.
  • Quality Assurance: Adhering to quality standards and best practices in healthcare delivery to ensure patient safety and satisfaction.
  • Continuing Education: Engaging in continuous professional development to stay updated on medical advancements, treatment protocols, and best practices in healthcare delivery.
  • Administration: Participating in administrative tasks such as scheduling, resource management, and policy development to support efficient hospital operations.
  • Ethical Practice: Upholding medical ethics and standards of conduct, including patient confidentiality, informed consent, and respecting patients’ autonomy.
  • Research and Innovation: Contributing to medical research initiatives and adopting innovative practices to improve patient care and outcomes.

How to Apply for this Offer

Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to: using the Job Title as the subject of the mail.

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