Liaison Officer is needed at Karferry Limited

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Karferry Limited’s job vacancy, Career and Recruitment

Job title : Liaison Officer jobs in Lagos

Job Location : Lagos

Deadline : October 29, 2021

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Liaison Officer Job Summary

We are seeking an organized, efficient, and communicative liaison officer to coordinate between our organization and another entity. In this role, you will act as the middle person between our business and the other entity to streamline operations, resolve issues, improve communications, and generally ensure that the relationship is as beneficial as possible.

The liaison should seek to establish mutually beneficial, encouraging relationships with targeted groups, establish parameters for collaborative efforts, and serve as a reliable contact point with whom stakeholders can address concerns. You should also conduct periodic evaluations to elucidate additional possibilities for collaboration.

Liaison Officer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintain thorough knowledge of the business, as well as an understanding of how that impacts the other entities of contact
  • Monitor, coordinate, and communicate the strategic objectives of the business
  • Collaborate and communicate successfully with other entities outside of the business
  • Work with other staff members to develop a greater understanding of the business and any issues that arise
  • Develop and foster relationships with the community, stakeholders, and other entities
  • Collect, analyze, and utilize data and feedback to identify opportunities to improve the relationship between the business and the other entity
  • Compile reports about incidents, events, or updates about an important issue for the business
  • Proactively solve conflicts and address issues that could occur between the business and the other entity
  • Act as a positive representation of the business to the community
  • Reviewing company norms, processes, and goals to maintain your knowledge thereof.
  • Detecting opportunities for meaningful collaboration within and across industries.
  • Securing collaborators’ buy-ins and discussing parameters to be observed.
  • Relaying our company’s interests and working to further these through collaborative efforts.
  • Elucidating, discussing, and implementing actions that expand our collaborators’ goals.
  • Perceiving and working to remedy concerns surrounding our collaborations.
  • Devising appropriate frameworks to derive maximum benefit from all partnerships.
  • Reporting on the utility of existing and prospective collaborations to guide future undertakings.

Liaison Officer Requirements and Qualifications

  • A Master‰Ûªs Degree or advanced degree in Law or Political Science or Philosophy or relevant field is required.
  • A Bachelor‰Ûªs degree in Law or Political Science or Philosophy or relevant field with additional 7 years of relevant work experience may be accepted in lieu of the master‰Ûªs degree.
  • Completion of an accredited communication studies program.
  • Ability to employ collaboration to promote the actualization of ideas.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Flexible, amicable, and community-oriented approach.
  • Adherence to designated procedural guidelines.
  • Customer-oriented attitude
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to establish and nurture beneficial business relationships
  • Self-motivated with a willingness to take initiative and solve complex problems
  • Capability to negotiate with and influence others
  • Analytically and mathematically minded analyzing data and create necessary reports
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced and sometimes high-pressure environment


  • Minimum of 5 years relevant experience working with the government or related role is required.
  • Knowledge and understanding of government settings and functions at both national, state,      and county levels is an advantage
  • The ability to establish and nurture beneficial business relationships is desired
  • Skills working with the local governments are required.

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