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International Radiologist (Migration Health Assessment Centres) needed at International Organization for Migration – Apply Now

Job title : International Radiologist (Migration Health Assessment Centres)

Job Location : Lagos

Deadline : June 23, 2023

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Core Functions / Responsibilities:

  • Provide good quality interpretation of the chest X-Rays (CXRs) of migrants in accordance with the technical guidelines of the resettlement countries and international radiological standards, properly review the quality of the images and provide feedback, request the appropriate additional views, and compare with previous image when available, recommend other imaging when necessary, and submit the report to the receiving countries system as needed.
  • Manage the activities of the radiology unit, plan the work, and regularly review the needs of staffing levels and equipment needs for the radiology workload, suggest to CMHO items needed related radiology service which needs to be included in the budget preparation, and participate in recruiting, provide training as well as performance assessment in order to ensure efficient and optimal workflow, respectful environment, and timely delivery of the radiology services.
  • Advice, guide and give regular feedback to the radiologic technologists on technical matters and ensure the standard Chest x-rays and additional views are taken with consistently high quality and in compliance to IOM and international radiology standards, and technical instructions from resettlement countries, and meet the needs of the programmes,
  • Implement quality management system (QMS) for the radiology unit, in coordination with the global/regional Radiology coordinators and CMHO, including staff capacity and training, quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) measures for the radiology equipment, systems, and processes, the quality of the images and the readings, and ensure continuous enhancement of quality service of radiology unit in accordance with IOM standards and international radiology standards. And assign or take the role of quality focal person for the X-ray Unit, as needed. Organize and provide radiology training to panel physicians and radiologic technologists, conduct regular image viewing, and discussion sessions. Contribute to global radiology training workshops, web-based and onsite trainings in order enhance the radiology capacity and staff development. Review queries from panel physicians and feedback from Government partners in relation to CXR reports, discuss and timely respond with explanations.
  • Establish connection to the IOM Teleradiology Centres, in coordination with IOM Teleradiology Centres, complying to the standards Teleradiology system requirements, and assigning the radiology focal person for coordinating the chest X-ray reading, which can be used for consultations of difficult cases, Quality control, reading additional cases, and/or for back up chest x-ray reading as needed.
  • Ensure the implementation, and maintenance the radiation safety measures in the Radiology Unit in compliance with the IOM standard radiation protection rules and regulations, including use of lead shield to the applicants, personal radiation measuring device to all staff, and proper protection of the X-ray room, and assign radiation protection focal person for the Radiology Unit to ensure the safety of applicants, staff and the public.
  • Prepare, review, and update the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the Radiology Unit, in line with IOM radiology standards and the needs of the Migrants health assessment programme and validate the staff compliance to the SOPs including proper application of the radiographic techniques and radiation protection measures, ensuring fast and smooth X-ray processing as well the timely readings of the x-rays.
  • Coordinate the procurement, delivery, and installation, radiology equipment, following the IOM MHD guideline and SOPs for procurement of radiology equipment and IOM specifications, order to ensure the purchase of appropriate radiology equipment with the correct IOM specification and quality standards. Contribute to the regular update IOM radiology equipment specification and suggest improvement measures as needed.
  • Participate in data analysis and stat reports related to radiology activities, and the preparation for radiological quarterly/yearly activity reports and regular updates to CMHO, COM and Regional/Global Radiology Coordinators, as well as preparing presentations. Contribute to the development of the global data collection system for the data analysis and testing.
  • Coordinate with IOM Global/Regional Teleradiology Centres for technical support, guidance, and advice for radiology related matters, as well as training and quality control measures. 
  • Timely respond to feedback and recommendations from the Global Center from the results of audit visits, quality control, and standards.
  • Coordinate externally with radiation authorities of the country for radiation safety compliance and renewal of license to operate X-ray Unit, as well as the technicians from radiology equipment venders regarding regular service and maintenance, and repair of the radiology equipment.
  • Implement organized record keeping system and maintain records of radiology related files and data such as the CXR and reports: as well as the documents related to the activities including licensing, agreements, equipment service and maintenance, as well as staff development and training. Ensure the implementation of the IOM radiology technologies for proper archiving of the Chest x-rays and repots.
  • Establish the availability of back up radiologic technologists and back up external x-ray providers, as needed, and provide regular assessment of external providers, and make sure their performance meets IOM standards as well as National and International requirements.
  • Liaise with representatives of key migrant receiving countries including the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Australia’s Department of Home Affairs (ADHA) and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and others. and collaborate with international and non-government organizations regarding radiological related matters.
  • Perform such other duties as may be assigned.

Required Qualifications and Experience:


  • Degree of Doctor of Medicine or university degree in Medicine from an accredited academic institution and specialization in Radiology from an accredited academic institution with seven years of relevant professional experience, with an emphasis on Chest Radiology, Tuberculosis and Chest X-Ray screening and management.
  • Professional Radiology Board Certification from relevant radiology board certification body from the applicant’s country of residence with up-to-date license is required.
  • Additional master’s degree in public health, Epidemiology, Health Informatics, International Health, or a related field from an accredited academic institution with five years of relevant professional experience is an advantage.


  • Experience and professional knowledge in diagnostic radiology programmes, with an emphasis on chest radiology and screening, and thorough knowledge of the natural history, radiological, and clinical presentation of tuberculosis;
  • Experience in managing radiology units with ability to supervise staff, implementing quality management, radiation protection measures and establishing radiology units an advantage;
  • Experience in teaching, data management and analysis, and use of statistical package an advantage;
  • Experience in conducting training, preparing guidelines, and training material an advantage; and,
  • Previous work experience in an international organizations and companies, especially in Migration health work, screening health assessments services an advantage.


  • In-depth knowledge and skill in interpreting radiology images, mainly screening chest x-rays, Good writing, communication, and negotiation skills, with ability to work under minimal supervision;
  • Competence with computers, with proficient in a Microsoft Office environment, including Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and comfort in learning use of new software;
  • Knowledge and skill in using digital radiography systems, PACS, and radiology information systems and teleradiology systems; and,
  • Knowledge and skill in data management and analysis and writing reports, use of statistical software and analysis, writing reports, and presentation.

Closing Date : 05 June 2023

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