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Head, Standards Plant Integrity and Technical Assurance needed at Egbin Power Plc

Job title : Head, Standards Plant Integrity and Technical Assurance

Job Location : Lagos

Deadline : April 30, 2024

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Key Duties and Responsibilities

The responsibilities include three major areas:

  • Engineering Standards
  • Plant Integrity
  • Technical Assurance

Engineering Standards

  • Lead the development of engineering standards for all equipment 
  • Ensure that company engineering standards satisfy the minimum requirements of the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) and other regulatory/statutory agencies 
  • Continuously update company engineering standards to adapt to changes in the operating environment and industry and global best practices
  • Develop and implement a framework for the incorporation of new energy in the business such as digitalization and decarbonization

Plant Integrity

  • Contribute to the identification of Critical Equipment, based on guidelines from the Head, Technical Solutions & Standards, Risk Management, Plant Integrity & Technical Assurance. 
  • Verify that the Critical Equipment Register (CER) is in place and updated.
  • Ensure that equipment criticality set in the various risk-based processes (RBI, RCM, CE Register) is updated.
  • Develop Asset Integrity Framework for Egbin Power Plc; get it endorsed by the Head, Technical Solutions & Standards, Risk Management, Plant Integrity & Technical Assurance and communicated to all staff. 
  • Establish all relevant standards and procedures required to formalize the key processes required to manage Asset Integrity

Technical Assurance

  • Conducts /contributes to risk assessments associated with anomalies and incidents. Advise on integrity threats.
  • Identify all Integrity Management responsibilities, and ensure they are correctly allocated throughout the Asset Organization and properly documented as part of the Integrity Management System.
  • Verify that job descriptions properly address asset integrity requirements. Verify that staff are fully aware of their responsibilities associated with Asset Integrity management and that they have adequate skill levels for the position.
  • Verify that certification and training plans are in place where appropriate and follow-up progress through a competence assurance process. Conduct awareness sessions for local staff as required.
  • Contribute to the establishment of long-term strategic planning and short-term operational planning, verifying, proper coordination between Asset Management, Project Management, Operations and Maintenance.
  • Lead the Asset Integrity Review Team (AIRT) involving the Subject matter Experts (SMEs) and Discipline Heads. 
  • Hold regular meetings and update meeting action log. Ensure that during AIRT meetings, criticality ratings and priorities allocated to the various integrity issues and their resolution are updated, recovery plans are in place and progressed, and discipline indicators and integrity KPIs are updated.
  • Attend the Asset Integrity Management Meeting chaired by the Head, Technical Solutions & Standards, Risk Management, Plant Integrity & Technical Assurance. 
  • Present an executive review of the affiliate performance on Integrity, focusing on high-level KPIs, major threats and critical action plans. Advise on trends.
  • Establish or actively contribute to the establishment of (a) management system(s) that verifies that key asset processes are properly implemented, anomalies recorded and ranked as per their criticality, and remedial measures are progressed until closure, thus providing a positive assurance of integrity.
  • Contribute to the establishment of a Management of Change (MoC) process and follow up action plans until change approval
  • In close liaison with the SMEs, establish the key measures and indicators that will allow monitoring integrity performance continuously, aligned with the guidelines set. 
  • Develop an “Integrity dashboard” composed of selected integrity measures and KPIs. Keep custody of the dashboard and ensure that data updates are delivered in a timely delivered by all involved stakeholders. Advise on trends.
  • Lead/participate in Incident Investigations
  • Monitor the performance of the Asset Integrity management processes by organizing regular reviews and self-audits. These audits shall be based on pre-established protocols being part of the Asset Integrity Verification Process (AIVP).
  • Lead and conduct RBI reviews
  • Participate in the preparation of Capital and Operating budgets for Inspection.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline preferably, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering
  • Minimum of 18 years experience in Power Utilities, Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production or any asset-intensive industry; five of which would have been spent in Technical Integrity and Assurance.
  • Proficiency in Risk and Reliability Management (RRIM)
  • Independent certification/training by an accredited body relating to HSE &Q management or technical auditing 
  • Knowledge in all following areas and proficiency in at least 4: Maintenance, Operation, Design Engineering, Asset Integrity, Technical Assurance, and Quality Management.

Skills and Competencies

  • Computer knowledge
  • Conversant with usual business suites (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Awareness of in-house tools: Maximo, etc.
  • Rigour and critical sense, open-minded, keen to knowledge sharing.
  • Leadership and strong listening/communication skills.
  • Teamwork

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