Head, Business Continuity Management needed at First Bank

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Job title : Head, Business Continuity Management

Job Location : Ogun

Deadline : June 24, 2024

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  • Develop and Review policies, manual, procedures, and governance framework on BCM and other areas of policy gaps in line with Bank’s strategy.
  • Lead BCM planning and recovery strategies across all FirstBank businesses, Branches and Sub-Saharan African Subsidiaries to implement recovery capabilities and testing processes to maintain group’s readiness to recover from business disruptions.
  • Implementation of Enterprise Business Continuity Management Programme in the Group including Subsidiaries in line with the Plan -Do-Check-Act (PCDA) Model and requirements of ISO22301:2019 and Reporting.
  • Establish and report metrics for measurement of the effectiveness of the BCM Program and support early and timely detection, reporting, escalation and remediation of risks and issues.
  • Business Continuity planning and event management, development, and facilitation of enterprise-wide event exercises, relationship management with external vendors, development of corporate policy, standards, and guidelines.
  • Monitor and assess the effectiveness and maturity of the Business Continuity program to ensure regulatory compliance and continuous improvement.
  • Develop and conduct Business Impact Analysis (BIA) bank-wide including the Subsidiaries. 
  • Identify business activities across the organization & determine mission critical activities bank wide.  
  • Quantify the timescale within which the interruption of each business activity becomes unacceptable to the organization because of its disruption to the delivery of products and services (MAO) and the Minimum Recovery Time Scale (RTO) within which critical activities must be resumed. 
  • Identify internal and external dependencies including applications and continuity resource requirements e.t.c.
  • Defines business requirements on BCM for analytics & reporting to ensure data insights inform business decision making.
  • Evaluate threats and Conduct Organization and Country Business Continuity Risk Assessment to reduce the likelihood of disruption to the Bank and impact in event of unforeseen risk.
  • Identify internal and external threats/risk and emerging threats that could impact on the operations of the Bank. 
  • Determine the likelihood of occurrence and impact of the identified threats & risk.
  • Develop and implement short term, medium term and long-term business continuity management strategies to meet organizational requirements.
  • Develop, maintain a Corporate wide Business Continuity Management (BCM) Programme which addresses business recovery and emergency response management working with key stakeholders.
  • Departmental BCM Champions, HODs, Group Heads, Branch Services, BORMs, External Consultants, Business Risk and Compliance Committee (BRCC), BCM Steering Committee, Regulators, and Certification body.
  • Coordinate BCM Champions to develop effective Enterprise business continuity management documentations in line with regulatory standards in the Nigeria, Subsidiaries and ISO22301 standard.
  • Liaise with key infrastructure teams to identify gaps, set recovery time objectives and convey business needs/expectations.
  • Hold business plans to Enterprise BCP goals and challenge business leaders on identification of critical functions and needs. 
  • Design and develop BCP goals, objectives, business plans, Crisis Management Plan, Emergency Response Plans for Pandemic e.t.c
  • Develop and execute the maintenance and testing programs for all business plans, and other information/communication tools. 
  • Direct and supervise plan maintenance processes and execution bank wide. 
  • Execute on the plan as it pertains to website and communication tool requirements during a crisis.
  • Identify and recommend enhanced plan maintenance strategies that remain flexible to organizational growth, change and resource capabilities.
  • Design and facilitate tests and exercises on the business plans and crisis management execution.
  • Provide independent business continuity professional support of the Bank’s strategic plan and initiatives to achieve the risk management objectives of Enterprise Risk Management Framework and the subsidiaries.
  • Develop Training Curriculum, Contents and materials (inclusive of e-learning, scenarios, BCM Staff Handbook, and Conduct Training Needs Analysis in line with ISO22301:2019 standards for all Business Continuity Management Roles across the Bank, e.t.c).
  • Conduct and facilitate on training and awareness for staff across the Bank (Head Office & Branches, Subsidiaries) on Business Continuity Management & Operational Risk Management.
  • Maintenance of the Bank’s Business Continuity Management (BCM) Certification (ISO22301: 2019) and Recertification}.
  • Develop test and simulation scenarios. Oversee and coordinate tests for the Bank including IT Information Technology; assess the effectiveness of the test and simulations and to ensure the preparedness and readiness of the Bank’s in the event of business disruption.
  • Strategic partnership with facilities management services, Information Technology (IT) on risk management and resilience to identify gaps and track status of actions and issues related to business continuity; provide expertise and guidance on Monitoring the maintenance and readiness of emergency management, applications and vital records, including IT Disaster Recovery, Alternate Work Locations for the Bank and all provisions for emergencies.
  • Recommends business priorities, advises on resource requirements and develops roadmap for strategic execution.
  • Develop Business Continuity Planning and goals.
  • Report to BCM Steering Committee, Management, Business Risk and Compliance Committee (BRCC) on Strategic goals, and initiatives.
  • BCP planning, initiatives and goals with Organizational goals and Infrastructure capabilities. 
  • Identify and make recommendations for change and adaptation to meet the needs of the business.
  • Identify and make recommendations for solutions to infrastructure obstacles and business challenges.
  • Participates in leading industry forums and consortiums on BCM to represent business interests and set standards/practices.
  • Facilitate and support the execution of the plans at the time of a crisis event including pandemic and develop reports critical planning decisions making.
  • Provide visibility and reporting to the Incident Management Committee, Crisis Management Committee on the critical functions, and infrastructure within the business plans.
  • Conduct Horizon scanning and monitor local and global developments on and taking proactive steps by advising Management on the implications for the Bank.
  • Conduct Business Continuity Management Review Committee Meetings and provide reports to Business Risk and Compliance Committee (BRCC), Board Risk Management (BRMC) and Regulatory Agencies regarding business continuity planning, recovery testing, incident management, safety programs.
  • Business Continuity standard implementation, maintenance, co-ordination and ISO 22301 certification to optimize FirstBank enterprise resilience.
  • Lead and Supervise BCM Team Members, BCM Champions bank-wide including subsidiaries for effective attainment of BCM goals and objectives.
  • Fosters strong internal and external networks and works with and across multiple teams to achieve business objectives.
  • Anticipates trends and responds by implementing appropriate changes.
  • Ensures regular reporting deliverables and participates in the presentation of results and trend reporting for Management Review.
  • Participate in other inter-departmental projects.
  • Carry out other adhoc assignments and provide required support.



First degree in Applied or Social Sciences, Higher Degree/MBA/Professional Certifications required (Business Continuity Institute (BCI), ISO22301Lead Implementer Certification, Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI), Project Management, Risk Management e.t.c.


  • Minimum experience: 12 years of relevant banking experience within Risk Management, Control, Operations or Audit. Knowledge of Statistics and experience using statistical methods for data analysis is essential.
  • Business Continuity Management practices and in-depth knowledge of international BCM standards promoted by BCI and DR1 and ISO.
  • A strong understanding of Operational risk and resilience, Business Process improvement methods as well as risk related control frameworks and practices (COSO, ISO, Health & Safety, COBIT, etc.).

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