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Job title : Energy Manager jobs in Lagos

Job Location : Lagos

Deadline : 15-Oct-21

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Sector: Oil and Gas


  • The Energy Manager has the overall responsibility of reducing the carbon footprint and energy usage of the organization. Specific areas of focus will include promoting energy efficiency procedures and direct emissions reduction measures across Organization‰Ûªs portfolio.
  • In addition, the Manager, Energy will look at the company‰Ûªs sources of energy, create models with the different energy sources to aid examining oil/gas production & gas processing processes and monitor energy usage.

Skills and Capabilities

  • Provide advisory on the likely impacts of the Nigerian power supply industry to energy related transactions for the organization.
  • Develop a Power and New Energy growth plan for the organization – chat a clear implementation plan for decarbonization, renewable energy investment option(s) and other forms of new energy.
  • Overall responsibility for framing the New Energy growth potential for the organization and evaluating potential Energy Transition business opportunities for feasibility studies/assessment – accessing where and how the organization could play in the renewable and new energy space.
  • Lead data modeling/analysis and staying current on relevant issues and trends within the energy sector.
  • Monitor prevailing sector regulation and policies within and global green energy enabling initiatives, carbon credits and other incentives to access benefits to the organization and ensure the continued alignment with all business transactions and decisions.
  • Create and oversee the implementation of short and long-term projects and strategies that increase energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and minimize unnecessary consumption in the organization‰Ûªs operational sites, to satisfy the more stringent demands for environmental stewardship and the insistence of investors and lenders on Environmental, Social and Governance leadership.
  • Critical stakeholders management and Participation at key gas forums including Nigerian Gas Association, OPTS Gas Sub-committee, Nigeria LPG Association, International Gas Union etc. including supporting the GM, New Energy speaking at those forums to advance the organization‰Ûªs interests through such forums.


  • Access the electrical load and power generation capacity across the assets and facilities within the organization to ensure optimal power utilization and efficient energy usage.
  • Responsible for monitoring the fossil fuel consumption and investigate/recommend alternative renewable sources for fuel displacement to generate power across assets/facilities within the organization.
  • Model energy usage of the business with the different energy sources
  • Work with the key stakeholder(s) to establish an emissions footprint for the organization‰Ûªs current operations.
  • Drive the implementation of the decarbonization pathways for carbon dioxide and methane emissions abatement across the organization‰Ûªs operations.
  • Formulate clear/actionable maturation roadmap for gas to power, renewable and other forms of new energy option(s) for the organization.
  • Lead the team for overall project master planning, implementation, execution, and delivery, in a seller doer capacity for the selected renewable and new energy option(s), ensuring strict compliance with regulatory, governance and integrity matters across the business.
  • Lead the team to ensure their activities are aligned with the scorecard of the company.
  • Lead the negotiations and facilitate the acquisition of PPAs and other requisite certifications for bankable power investments in Nigeria.
  • Oversee people capability development standards -coaching/training, competence development and performance management to ensure availability, motivation and effective deployment of talents required for sustained energy transition strategy execution


  • GHG emissions reduction leading to the preservation of climate and biodiversity
  • Adherence to environmental, social and governance leadership.
  • Access to funding of non-fossil fuel projects
  • Potential positive impact to the organization‰Ûªs share price
  • Investment in renewable energy is fast becoming a license to operate for IOCs.
  • Business Performance.

Qualifications & Experience

  • First Degree in Engineering, Physical Sciences, Business, or related Analytical disciplines.
  • Minimum of 15 years post-qualification experience, the last 3 which must have been in a power utility or oil & gas company.
  • Membership of relevant professional body or institute i.e. COREN, NSE, AAPG, NAPE etc.
  • Exposure to upstream/midstream/downstream Oil & Gas value chain is important.
  • Thorough understanding of the Industry as well as the dynamics of the business environment and economics of individual entities to elicit credibility with all levels of management.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead/orchestrate negotiations on major transactions with business and technical partners at local and international levels.
  • Must be a decisive and credible leader with influence across all stakeholder groups.

Other Information:
Quality Standard:

  • Extent to which marketing, sales, operating plans, and budgets are driven by Corporate Strategies
  • Quality and effectiveness of business continuity plans
  • Performance of direct reports
  • KPIs against Actual performance results


  • Project Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Negotiating
  • Multi-disciplinary and integrated approach to achieving goals.
  • Problem solving
  • Deployment of cutting-edge technology
  • Coaching
  • Innovative, creative, and excellent solutions
  • Managing Performance
  • Market Intelligence.

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