Director of Culinary Operations needed at Soupah Kitchen & Co.

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Job title : Director of Culinary Operations

Job Location : Oyo

Deadline : December 20, 2023

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  • As the director, you will be responsible for the overarching targets and goals of all restaurants as regards food and baked goods operations. Your duties are to establish a menu/recipe, determine the right packaging, plan budgets, and calculate what to charge for items. This career requires numerous years of experience in the service industry, typically including time as an executive chef.
  • Other qualifications may include education at a culinary institute or a hospitality school. Essential skills for the job include leadership, budgeting and financial experience, and a strong knowledge of health codes and food safety. Join us in revolutionizing the African restaurant industry through our innovative ghost kitchen concept.


  • Oversee and lead the culinary operations of our ghost kitchens, ensuring the highest quality standards are met
  • Develop and execute menu concepts that showcase the richness and diversity of food concepts and cuisine
  • Collaborate with our team members to create innovative and enticing dishes that capture the essence of different flavors
  • Conceptualize the right packaging and designs for each menu item and evaluate the effectiveness
  • Maintain and enhance food quality, presentation, and consistency across all our ghost kitchen locations
  • Provide guidance and mentorship to our culinary team, fostering a culture of continuous improvement
  • Stay updated on industry trends, emerging ingredients, and culinary techniques to bring fresh ideas to our kitchens
  • Control and direct the food preparation, pricing and packaging processes and any other relative activities
  • Construct menus with new or existing culinary creations ensuring the variety and quality of the servings
  • Approve and polish dishes before they are established and presented to customers across all locations
  • Develop and maintain recipes, portion specifications, and standard preparation procedures for all dishes and ensure that all cooks are following these standards.
  • Coordinate training activities for kitchen and back-of-house associates to meet service level standards.
  • Maintain and monitor sanitation, safe food handling practices, and workplace safety in food service operations as required by Local, State and Federal guidelines.


  • Creative problem-solver who brings passion, enthusiasm and fresh ideas.
  • Proven track record of being organized, dependable and self-motivated.
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience in a culinary leadership role
  • At least 2 years holding a previous Executive Chef position (prior to culinary role).
  • Knowledge of compliance and food safety regulations
  • Basic knowledge of food packaging
  • Strong knowledge of food certifications and standard regulator compliances
  • Proven ability to manage and motivate a culinary team
  • Strong understanding of branding and marketing within the food industry
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills

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