Consultancy on Monitoring the Use of Educational Facilities for Non-Educational Purposes needed at GOALPrime Organization Nigeria

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Job title : Consultancy on Monitoring the Use of Educational Facilities for Non-Educational Purposes jobs in Adamawa

Job Location : Adamawa

Deadline : March 30, 2023

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Anticipated Award Type

Consultancy Agreement

Bidders must provide the below-requested information.

  • Technical Proposal outlining consultants/firm’s understanding of the assignment, the approaches of the consultant will deploy/use to achieve the objectives, and the proposed timeline/schedule for the consultancy.
  • Technical Proposal to include CVs of key personnel
  • Financial Proposal
  • Submission and Evaluation Criteria
  • Technical Evaluation Criteria
  • Consultant/Firm’s Academic and Professional Qualification 30%
  • Consultant’s Prior Work Experience on similar tasks related to child protection 35%
  • Approach 35%

Note: The minimum technical score shall be 75%

1.     Background and Rationale:

The intensity of violence in Nigeria poses a learning crisis for school children. For over a decade, the northeast of Nigeria has witnessed the destruction of educational facilities, military use of schools, killings, and the abductions of learners, teachers, and education personnel. These incidents have forced schools and universities to close and push vulnerable learners into the margins, particularly girls who constitute 60 percent of the 18.5 million out-of-school children in Nigeria. The high rates of school dropout at all levels of education in the region have a particularly negative impact on girls, as they also endure the possibility of child, early and forced marriage, unwanted pregnancy, and broader social and economic exclusion. Improving the participation of children in schools in the northeast region is critical for Nigeria to be able to meet its SDG4 commitments. Given the scale and magnitude of displacement in the BAY States, the HRP 2022 estimates 8.4 million people need humanitarian aid and a further 2.2 million are internally displaced. It is important to note that there is no available data on IDP sites located in educational facilities. GCPEA data illustrates that between 2020-2021 there were 8 incidents of military use of educational facilities where 7 of the facilities were used by the Nigerian army as military barracks in Borno state. The military use of educational facilities puts learners and communities at risk as they may become targets for Non-State Armed Groups (NSAGs). Providing children with a safe and protected learning environment is important for their psychological well-being and recovery from any traumatic incidents they may have endured. The use of educational facilities either by IDPs (Internal Displaced Persons) or the military can disrupt the learning of children, thereby hindering their right to education. To date, the BAY States do not have current data on the use of educational facilities for non-educational purposes.

As a commitment to further protect the educational system from attacks and use for non-educational purposes, the Safe Schools Declaration Ratification Document (enclosed) was signed by the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, in December 2019, signalling the country’s commitment to ratify and uphold the principles of the Safe Schools Declaration (SSD). In line with the domestication of the SSD, the Federal Ministry of Education (FME) developed the National Policy on Safety, Security and Violence-Free Schools (NPSSVFS) as part of its commitments to safeguarding and protecting learners, teachers, and education personnel. As part of its Plan of Action 2021-2023, the government has committed to promoting efforts at national and state levels to collect reliable and relevant data on the military use of schools and universities. 

GOALPrime Organization Nigeria through the support from the United Nations Children’s Fund is looking for an experienced Monitoring the use of educational facilities for non-educational purposes consultant/agency to conduct research on the use of educational facilities for non-educational purposes; and 2) advocate for measures to implement the National Policy on Safety, Security, and Violence-Free Schools and 3. conduct a detailed training needs assessment to partners and key stakeholders on data collection for use of school for non-educational purposes this will give them ownership and also strengthen their capacity

2.          Objectives:

The advertised consultancy will aim to deliver on the following main objectives below:

  • Design and deliver an implementation manual and training curriculum to partners and key stakeholders: The consultant will design and deliver trainings and other program planning documents. One potential example of a training is to train key officials/stakeholders and enumerators in meeting facilitation, conflict analysis, action planning, mediation, negotiation on resumption of educational activities and advocacy towards the use of educational facilities occupied by IDPs and the military for non-educational purposes, development of community security action plans. Training must be interactive to the degree possible and reflective to the realities of the selected schools across the LGAs in the BAY states.
  • Support critical assessment on how many educational facilities are occupied by IDPs and the military for non-educational purposes key stakeholders and general atmospherics in focus LGAs
  • Suggest Key officials and EMIS Officers participants.
  • Other tasks related to the Monitoring the use of educational facilities for non-educational purposes as required.
  • Critically review and develop a data collection tool that can be used by partners and enumerators with clear implementation guidelines, resources needed, schedules, time, and expected achievement per data collection session.

3.          Management and supervision of the consultancy.

  • The consultant/firm will report to the Response Manager, GOALPrime Organization Nigeria with day-to-day supervision by the Education Coordinator and other relevant supporting personnels.

4.          Desired Qualifications and Experience.

  • 40% of the budget will be paid as a mobilization fee and 60% after the final consultancy report and review.
  • The consultancy will take an estimated maximum of 30 days.

5.          Application Requirements.

  • Technical proposal detailing the consultant’s/firm’s understanding of the task, proposed methodologies, expected activities and deliverables, proposed workplan, and the composition of the consultancy team to be engaged.
  • Financial Proposal detailing the costs that the consultant/firm expects to be required to complete the assignment.
  • Detailed CVs of all professional staff who will work on this consultancy.
  • Submission of at least two professional references/ work concluded from previous clients with full contact details.

How to Apply for this Offer

Proposals MUST be submitted via email to please cc , , on or before the deadline indicated in the synopsis of the ToR.

Technical proposals and financial proposals shall be submitted in PDF format as separate attachments.

CVs should be submitted either as separate PDF attachments or as an annex to the technical proposal.

Proposals must be in the English language.

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