Cleaner needed at Sleek De Empire

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Job title : Cleaner

Job Location : Borno

Deadline : July 10, 2024

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Job Description
A professional cleaner’s job description typically involves ensuring that spaces are clean, sanitized, and presentable. Here’s a breakdown of their responsibilities:

  • Cleaning Surfaces: This includes dusting, wiping, and polishing surfaces such as furniture, countertops, and fixtures to remove dirt, dust, and grime.
  • Vacuuming and Mopping Floors: Professional cleaners vacuum carpets, rugs, and upholstery to remove debris and dirt. They also mop hard floors using appropriate cleaning solutions.
  • Bathroom Sanitization: Cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, including toilets, sinks, showers, and floors, to remove stains, odors, and germs. This may involve using disinfectants and specialized cleaning agents.
  • Kitchen Cleaning: Cleaning kitchen surfaces, appliances, and utensils to ensure hygiene and prevent the buildup of grease, food residue, and bacteria.
  • Trash Removal: Emptying trash bins and replacing liners to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards.
  • Window and Glass Cleaning: Cleaning windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces to remove smudges, fingerprints, and dirt, providing a clear and streak-free finish.
  • Specialized Cleaning Tasks: Depending on the setting, professional cleaners may be required to perform specialized tasks such as carpet shampooing, upholstery cleaning, and cleaning of high-touch areas like light switches, door handles, and handrails.
  • Following Safety Procedures: Adhering to safety protocols and guidelines, including the proper use of cleaning chemicals, equipment, and protective gear to ensure personal safety and the safety of others.
  • Time Management: Efficiently managing time and resources to complete cleaning tasks within specified timeframes, especially in commercial settings where cleaning may need to be done quickly and thoroughly during off-hours.
  • Communication and Customer Service: Maintaining open communication with clients or supervisors regarding cleaning requirements, scheduling, and any issues or concerns that may arise. Providing excellent customer service by addressing client needs and ensuring satisfaction with the cleaning results.
  • Attention to Detail: Paying close attention to detail to ensure that all areas are thoroughly cleaned and no spots are missed, maintaining high cleanliness standards.
  • Adaptability: Being flexible and adaptable to different cleaning environments, including homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, and other commercial or residential spaces, and adjusting cleaning techniques accordingly.


  • Candidates should possess an SSCE / NCE / HND qualification with 2 – 6 years relevant work experience.

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