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Base Logistics Manager (National) needed at Premiere Urgence Internationale – Apply Now

Job title : Base Logistics Manager (National)

Job Location : Katsina

Deadline : June 01, 2023

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General objective

  • The Base Logistic Manager (National) is responsible to manage the logistics department in Mashi – Katsina under the direct supervision of the Field Coordinator and with the technical support of the Logistics Coordinator, in order to support the implementation of the programs activities on a timely and good quality basis, and in compliance with PUI procedures and donors’ guidelines.

Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Team Management: He / She oversees the recruitment, training, organization and management of logistics teams (PUI employees and potential daily workers), giving direct supervision to the national team and building capacities of the staff
  • Base logistical support: He/She oversees all the necessary logistical operations to ensure the proper opening and the proper functioning of the base, and ensures the roll out of standard internal logistic procedures.
  • Assets and premises: He/She ensures the good management of all the equipment’s, including fleet and premises at base level in compliance with PUI procedures and donors’ guidelines
  • Safety & Security: He/She assists the Field Coordinator with safety & security management. He/She is directly responsible of the daily, concrete aspects of the base’s safety management.
  • Coordination, reporting and dissemination of information: He /She coordinates with the different department (program and admin) and ensures all the reporting and information is compiled and disseminated among concerned services.
  • Capacity building: Coach relevant deputy logistics manager and logistic staffs. Facilitate the development of a high quality of logistics staff, which fully addresses the roll out and consolidation into their daily work.

Specific Objectives and Associated Actions

Team Management:

  • He/She design the team set-up and size according to the support needs of the base. ? He/She oversees the hiring process of the whole logistic team and participates in any decision related to the termination of employment contracts of national employees.
  • He/She supervises and manages directly his/her team
  • He/She guides the work of the logistics teams, tracks the realization of their objectives, and leads the mid-term and final staff evaluations.
  • He/She ensures compliance with the Internal Rules of Procedure of PUI on the site.
  • He/She assumes or delegates responsibility for the induction of new members of his team, ensuring the project and base context, the relevant PUI tools and policies are well understood
  • He/She completes basic training programs for base logistics team and identifies additional training needs and sets up adequate training programs (organizational support, methodology, and technical support as the case may be organization of training sessions).
  • He/She prepares the job profiles of national employees under his/her immediate supervision.

Provide Logistics and Supply Chain Support at Base Level:

Logistics Support:

  • He/She ensures the proper opening of the base which includes : finding adequate infrastructures and furniture, ensuring procedures and premises meet basic PUI security requirements, ensuring the supply of all necessary material to launch the activities setting up and implementing internal logistic procedures on the base (especially market analysis and supply procedures)
  • He/She ensures that the needs of the site are met (support, programming) and reports the needs to the Field Coordinator, while making sure that all donor and internal procedures are respected, and that commitments are in line with available budgets.
  • He/She ensures that the site is equipped with the minimum of infrastructure (offices and housing) necessary for execution of the work and accommodation of teams, in optimal conditions of safety.
  • He/She oversees the vehicle fleet, and more globally ensures its proper functioning, as well as the maintenance of all equipment belonging to the site.
  • He/She organizes the movement of vehicles on a weekly basis.
  • He/She ensures adequate storage arrangements for all property and equipment. ? He/She ensures proper delivery of all purchases planned for the operational sites.
  • He/She prepares and updates the inventory of supplies and equipment for the site, and submits it to the Log Coordinator.

Supply Chain:

  • He/She guarantees that procurement procedures are respected according to the donors’ and PUI’s guidelines. ? He/She guarantees the validity of all the procurement files according to PUI’s SC policy by regular visits of control (direct check of the folders
  • He/She works in close collaboration with the person requesting the purchase, with strong technical specificity, and carries out any appropriate conformity tests if required.
  • He/She centralizes and optimizes the grouping of purchases
  • He/She is responsible of the procurement validation in order to guarantee the respect and the good application of PUI procedures before submitting to the SCM
  • He/She checks and analyses the purchase follow up every week and gives some support to the logisticians if issues are identified.
  • He/She supervises the identification and referencing of suppliers
  • He/She ensures that purchase files are correctly archived and sent to coordination on time (correlatively with Accounting files)
  • He/She contributes to plan and eventually supervise the shipment and delivery of materials/equipment up to their final destination.
  • He/She ensures the movement/transfer of documents is properly referenced.

Assets and Premises’ Management:

  • He/She ensures that all the assets affected to Base are properly identified and registered in compliance with PUI procedures and donors’ guidelines.
  • He/She ensures the good use and maintenance of all assets at Base level in compliance with PUI procedures and following manufacturers’ user manual
  • He/She Coordinates the IT assets’ maintenance.
  • He/She ensures the proper maintenance of all premises at Base level (guesthouse, Office, PHCC, Nutrition sites).
  • He/She participates to premises’ administrative management at Base level with the support of the Base Admin Manager and under the supervision of the Base Field Coordinator.
  • He/She ensures that all the energy means necessary at Base level are available and are managed in compliance with PUI procedures.
  • He/She ensures the identification of the needs regarding assets and premises in the context of proposals’ writing.

Coordination, Reporting and Dissemination of Information:

  • He/She is the main focal point for Program Managers at Base level for any logistics’ related issue.
  • He/She ensures the good coordination with Base Admin Department to express the finance needs of Base Logistics Department.
  • He/She participates to any relevant internal and external meeting at Base level and participates actively.
  • He/She ensures the good technical coordination between the Base Logistics Department and Juba Logistics Coordination.
  • He/She ensures the proper dissemination and archiving of all the Base Logistics Department documentation, in in compliance with PUI procedures and donors’ guidelines.

Capacity Building:

  • He/She will design logistics training appropriate to the change of the needs
  • He/She will work closely with the deputy logistic manager to support the design and training materials, where required
  • He/She will deliver the training in an engaging and user-friendly manner, ensuring all stakeholders receive the necessary training and highlighting any issues.
  • He/She will verify the full understanding of the trained staff, ensuring readiness for roll out and consolidation

Ensuring the Security of Goods and People:

  • He/She ensures that the material and other resources at base level are sufficiently adapted to the safety management approach defined for the base.
  • He/She participates in analyzing the base’s safety circumstances and conditions, alerts and issues recommendations to the Field Coordinator concerning potential changes relating to risks as well as measures to be put in place.
  • He/She ensures that all premises at Base level are properly equipped in compliance with PUI security guidelines (hibernation kits, first aid kits and extinguishers notably).
  • He/She ensures that all transportation means at Base level are equipped and used in compliance with PUI security guidelines.
  • He/She participates under the supervision of Base Field Coordinator to the base security plan review and to the context follow-up.
  • He/She acts as security focal point in the base when the field coordinator is absent.

Job Requirements

  • Candidates should possess a Master’s Degree / Bachelor’s Degree / HND qualification.
  • 2 – 10 years work experience.

How to Apply for this Offer

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