CyberSOC Africa®

CyberSOC Africa® the foremost cyber-securitycompany in Africa founded to address the tremendous challenges in protecting organizations from cyber-attacks across Africa. The ever-increasing cyber threats, risks and exploits along with the global shortage of cyber security experts especially in Afread morerican market where the foundation on which CyberSOC® was established in 2015 and since has grown to become the major Cyber Security firm in Nigeria and other countries across Africa.
Our Services are divided into 2 major silos: Threat Detection and Threat Response which give our customers the flexibility and agility in the detection phase but also give them the capacity to swiftly respond to any threat or incident in a manner that minimize or eliminates the impact of the cyber-attack/ exploit on the organization or business. CyberSOC® solutions are modular and serve both large and mid-size companies, enabling them to focus on their core business knowing that their cybersecurity posture is rock solid and ever improving.

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