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Sundry Foods is an integrated food services company founded in 2003 and operating in major cities in Nigeria. We are a leading food services provider in two out of the three largest cities in the country, bringing our now trademark great tasting ready-to-eat food and quality services to thousands of people and institutions daily through its chain and network of restaurants, bakeries and other catering facilities.
We are proud to own and operate one of Africa’s best restaurant and bakery chains and we pride ourselves on our ability to consistently deliver original food and service solutions whether in workplaces, schools and colleges, hospitals, joining even remote sites and different cultural environments using our team of young seasoned professionals and an entire workforce with a passion to deliver nothing but the best to every customer.
We achieved our position as one of the industry leaders by selecting and maintaining a happy workforce. We believe that a happy employee is better positioned to deliver exceptional service to our cherished customers. At Sundry Foods, we don’t just sell food or services; we build warm and endearing long term relationships with the multitude of customers who walk in to our restaurants & stores daily for their breakfast, lunch, dinner and mid-meal snacks.
We are driven by the passion to provide a total solution experience by paying attention to detail and recognizing that each customer is a unique individual in other to exceed expectation.