Astonishing ways to write a resignation letter

Picture this, you have already given your two weeks’ notice and you’ve started packing up your desk. There’s one more thing you need to do and that’s writing a letter of resignation. It’s possible that maybe your company doesn’t actually even require a letter of resignation. However, does that mean you still shouldn’t write one even if they don’t require it? You will still write a letter of resignation for a few reasons:

  • It is an official document that states that you are resigning.
  • this is the time where you can really explain to your feet for your past employer that here’s why you are leaving, here’s what you appreciate about the job and you can leave on good terms and that’s the most important piece because you never know when you might come in touch with this employer again.

Let’s get started here’s exactly how you can write a perfect letter of resignation so your boss is singing your praises long after you leave

1. State the facts when writing a letter of resignation

There’s no need to beat around the bush, they already know that you are leaving so the very beginning of your letter can just simply state I’m resigning and here’s the date of my official last date and if you want you could even say here’s why I’m leaving and what I’m doing in the future.

Side note: you don’t have to disclose your reason for leaving if you don’t want to, that’s what an exit interview is for and even then you get to choose a story you tell. Maybe your boss is a nightmare or you don’t have a new job lined up whatever the reason if you don’t want to share it then don’t.

We recommend trying to use positive language like “wow this might be a chance for you to say I’m just going to stick it to them and tell them all my grievances”. well if you never know when you might be working with this team again so while giving good feedback or critical feedback so it’s helpful just make sure that you are always being polite and positive about it because you know giving them personal feedback about.

Why you didn’t like your boss because of this reason or that reason, will just make you not look very good.

2. Say thank you

Take a minute to reflect what you liked about the job, what you learned, what opportunities you had here that have influenced your career. Even if you can’t wait to get out of this job and get into your new job, there’s probably really good benefits of your old job that you need it in order to get the new job. Therefore, it is okay to show some appreciation and to reflect back on some of the positives. I think it’s a really nice thing for you and your past employer everyone loves to hear the words “thank you” and research has shown that having gratitude and appreciation for what you have can actually make you happier.

So take some time, jot down what you’re grateful for from this past job, and then share that with your employer as you go out the door.

3. Before you send the letter, it’s a good idea to go to your boss and let them know that you intend to complete any work assignments that you two have agreed upon before you actually exit the building.

If it’s okay with you, which is optional you can let your boss know that you’re available. Other questions should pop up, that can be especially important if you work on a small team or a team that relied heavily on what you did and it’s just really a nice gesture.

Two weeks is a short amount of time for a company to be able to transition your role to someone else and by allowing them to contact you for even minor health and questions. you’ll help ease the transition which will speak volumes to your former employer this is your opportunity to show that you are hard worker with integrity and will help preserve the relationship plus it will help you earn major brownie points, and it might even help you get a great letter of recommendation in the future.

Here is an example of what you could say to ease the transition: After my departure, I intend to complete all assigned work before my final day and leave thorough instructions for my replacement. I am happy to assist with any training during my last two weeks. If you have any additional questions after my departure date, please feel free to contact me on my cell leave your phone number, by email leave your personal email.

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