Application Letter Template for the post of a sales manager

You  stumbled on a sales manager job ads and don’t know the approach of writing an application letter. why go far when you can actually use our free templates.

Pls Note: replace every red wordings with your own word or info.



I am delighted to apply for the Sales Manager position at [COMPANY NAME] and I am looking forward to meeting with you for this job. Being able to work with other people for a common objective in a working environment has led me to believe that being a Sales Manager is a highly rewarding career. It has always been my passion to work in the [NAME] industry, and I believe that I would be an excellent fit for the job.

During my [NUMBER] years of employment at [YOUR COMPANY NAME], I was the [POSITION]. During that time, the Sales Department has experienced sales growth. In my years of working in the company, I have learned that working in the sales industry requires a lot of patience and hard work. I also believe that it requires the ability to connect with people. Furthermore, I believe that my work experience has prepared me for the Sales Manager position and I would be a great asset to the company.

Thank you so much for taking the time to review this letter and the enclosed resume. I am looking forward to working for [COMPANY NAME] and I hope to meet with you soon.





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