7 tips that will convince your employer to invite you for an interview

Is the cover letter obsolete or is the document necessary to consider your application?

Even if a letter is not required, it can help you gain an advantage over other candidates.
Remember, however, that you can only do this if the letter is well written.

Thanks to the letter. you will show the employer that you have skills that will be useful in the position you apply for.

See what elements attract the employer’s attention and increase your chances of being invited to an interview.

Remember, however, that whether the recruiter will read your letter depends on your CV.

1. What can you do for the company?

If you have decided to respond to the advertisement, you probably meet all the requirements for the position.

The employer first read your CV. He knows where you worked, what schools and courses you have completed. Now he would like to know what you are going to bring to the company and what are your plans for development. The cover letter is the best place to present it.

Use the following tips:

  • Get to know the company’s profile (collect as much information as possible about its projects and plans)
  • From among your experiences, choose the ones that could suit your company’s needs
  • Show how your previous position enriched you
  • Guarantee the same attitude / actions for the future employer

Example: In my daily work, I use financial analyzes that allow me to achieve high efficiency of my activities. Colleagues and superiors always value my commitment to the duties I have given. I guarantee the same attitude for your company.

2. How to effectively present your skills?

The cover letter is a great place to meet the requirements of the advertisement. If you have the skills necessary to work in a selected position, show them in an effective form.

How to do it?

  • List all the requirements / skills expected by the employer
  • Think about whether you meet / have them all
  • Show them on specific examples from your experience
  • Mention your plans for your own development

Example: I like challenges that require an analytical approach from me. I am constantly developing my competences and acquiring new knowledge to be able to perform my duties even more effectively.

3. What if you don’t meet some of the requirements?

You decided to apply, although you do not meet all the expectations of the employer? Focus only on your strengths.

How to do it?

  • From the list of duties for a given position, select those you previously dealt with
  • Mention what you have gained from these experiences
  • Show how successful you have been in them

Example: I reorganized the work of my department and built a team that achieves business goals at an above-average level.

4. How to professionally show motivation?

You apply for a specific offer, so something motivates you to do so! Mention motivation provided it is not just a financial issue.

How to do it?

  • Think about what brings you to this company
  • Answer yourself if you believe in this product / service
  • Show how the company you apply to has an impact on you
  • In one sentence write what values ​​connect you and the company

Example: I want to work with a prospective and globally developing company that will ensure the development of my key skills and use my personal potential. I care about working in an environment that values ​​values ​​that are close to my heart.

5. What advantage will the numbers give you?

In search of work, numbers speak louder than words. Use it in your cover letter!

How to do it?

  • Show how many years of experience you have (focus on the industry you are applying to)
  • Describe your most important professional achievements (use numbers and percentages)
  • Highlight the number of courses and training (but only current, i.e. up to 2 years back)

Few candidates use the numbers on the cover letter. If you apply them, your employer will be even more interested in your letter.

6. With this tip, you will learn to write about your successes!

Writing about successes and competences can be difficult for you. Make the whole process easier.

How to do it?

  • Imagine you are someone else (friend, colleague, boss)
  • Try to find areas where you would praise someone like you
  • Write a letter in the third person (e.g. The biggest professional advantage of X is …)
  • Read the entire letter and change the third person singular to first

7. What is the ideal length of a cover letter?

Remember that the shorter the letter, the better. The best cover letters contain a maximum of 250 words. Focus on the most important areas of your experience.

How to do it?

  • Throw out all the banal statements from your letter (e.g. I am creative)
  • Do not describe items that you like in the company you are applying to
  • Don’t write what you can learn by getting a job opportunity
  • Do not repeat all elements of your CV

What other elements in the cover letter can increase the chance of an interview? Do you have ideas? Use the comment box

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